A Guide to Buying Carpet Underlay

Underlay ready to be put down in a bedroom

Let’s face it, choosing underlay isn’t the sexiest part of buying a new carpet. However, it is crucial. And it can make a whole lot of difference to whether your new carpet is one you enjoy sitting or lying on because it’s cushioned, as well as how well your carpet will look once it is actually down (good underlay prevents the pile flattening).

But more than that, the quality of your underlay can also help you more-or-less determine the lifespan of your carpet (good underlay can as much as double the lifespan of your average carpet).

It’s all because underlay works in a similar fashion to a shock absorber. So for that reason, the newer the underlay is, the better protection your new carpet and flooring in general will have – especially if it happens to be in a high traffic area such as the sitting room or hallway.

Old underlay should be replaced not simply because it’s less suited to a new carpet, but because it has probably been down for a number of years and will have accumulated plenty of dust, dirt, bits of hair etc within that time.

It’s all about the density

Here at Deben Carpets in Ipswich we’re proud to say that we source what we personally regard as the best kinds of underlay currently available on the market right now; and at a reasonable price.

Generally speaking the more dense the underlay is, the more protection it provides your carpet and flooring (not to mention sound-proofing if you happen to have it in an upstairs bedroom, for instance). And, finally, underlay can save you a pretty penny when it comes to your utility bills since it can prove to be an excellent heat insulator.

You will typically find underlay in 9mm, 10mm, 11mm and 12mm thicknesses. Our own underlay is 9mm with different levels of density.

Different types of underlay

Different flooring – such as carpeting, wood and tiles – requires particular underlay.

  • Polyurethane is perfect for carpets. Made from 85 per cent recycled materials (mostly foam) it also comes with a big ‘green’ tick.
  • Crumb rubber is made from old car tyres and is great for hallways, stairs and other areas of high traffic. It is particularly good for preventing heavy furniture flattening a carpet thanks to its toughness. Again, this is an eco-friendly underlay which is produced from 85 per cent recycled goods
  • Waffle underlay is also made from rubber and is excellent at sound proofing and insulation thanks to the fact it is constructed using in-built pockets of air (like a waffle). Thicker versions of this are more comfortable.
  • Rubber gives an added layer of comfort to carpets. It’s also fabulous at insulating so you can look forward to lower heating bills with this literally underfoot.

Here at Deben Carpets we hope the above Guide to Buying Underlay made the whole process a little easier for you. It’s not something our customers in Ipswich, Woodbridge and Suffolk typically buy every day, after all.

If you have any more questions concerning what type of underlay would be best for you then do get in touch. Either contact us via telephone on 01473 626097 or pop in to the showroom and have a chat with one of the team.

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