Best carpet options for Hay Fever sufferers

Carpet choices for hayfever sufferers

Summer is in full effect again and this year in particular we are having an amazing run of sunshine. As much as we all love the heat, many people have to find ways to manage their hay fever which becomes more active during the hotter months.

Whether they are travelling through your open windows, or being transferred underfoot into your home, pollen pollutants are difficult to control. However, with careful planning there are ways you can have a better quality of life at home.

Which carpet is best for hay fever sufferers?

Shallow carpets offer the best protection against hay fever as the deeper the pile, the more space is given to pollen molecules, and the more likely it is that they will interfere with your immune system. For example, thick wool carpets house a wider range of allergens than many other materials. This is because these recesses are warmer in the summer which enables germs, bacteria and mould to thrive and ultimately spread.

Installing shallow, synthetic carpet, such as Nylon carpets, into high traffic areas of the home will help reduce the amount of dirt being picked up and retained by the carpet. This is especially true of areas nearby to the front and back door/patio, as any pollen collected underfoot outside is transferred into the carpet on arrival.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean that owners of shallow carpets will be completely hay fever free. Pollen and microbes will still be present in the carpet and without the deeper pile will have more freedom to move around. The best solution is to have it cleaned which will remove the germs and help you to relax a little more.

General hay fever carpet cleaning tips

The easiest way to minimise the build-up of germs and bacteria in the home is to develop a regular cleaning schedule and stick to it as closely as possible.

This will mean microbes are given less chance to spread across the house to trigger your hay fever or any other allergies. Regular hoovering will keep the carpet in good condition, as will the dusting of areas of the house that are high traffic areas. You should also apply this rule to window dressings and bedding during the summer period.

Deep cleaning to help hay fever

Another solution to consider is deep cleaning the carpet, especially if this has not been done for a while, or at all. There is a lot more work that goes into this option but hay fever sufferers will reap the rewards of removing deeply engrained pollen molecules and irritant microbes. This needs to be done using a deep cleaning shampoo and wash, but if you do not possess the equipment to do so, then hiring a professional company is a worthwhile investment.

Install Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LVT’s are a fantastic way for hay fever sufferers to reduce their symptoms and create a cleaner and more hygienic environment. They are extremely easy to maintain and clean with a quick sweep and mop and the protective layer ensures dirt rests on top of the surface rather than finding a home deep within it. More and more people who have to deal regularly with allergies are turning to luxury vinyl tiles as a long term solution.

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