Best flooring for your Bathroom

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Deciding on the right type of flooring for you bathroom can create its own problems, as you’ll want a material that is both comfortable and practical but also stylish and easy to maintain. On top of all that you will want to stamp some of your own character on the space so it reflects who you are while fitting into the overall décor of the house.

While there is a lot to take into consideration, thankfully help is at hand. We’ve put together a list of the best flooring choices for your bathroom so you can finally get that look you’ve been after for so long.

Vinyl flooring

A great option for the bathroom is vinyl which is not only comfortable underfoot but also slip resistant and completely waterproof. For homes that can afford it, vinyl flooring works particularly well in combination with underfloor heating which adds that extra level of comfort.

There are a huge range of styles and designs available which makes vinyl flooring an easy fit for modern and traditional homes. Maintenance couldn’t be easier which is simply done using a mop and standard domestic bleach cleaner.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Very much in the same vein as vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles fit seamlessly into the bathroom. They provide the same benefits as standard vinyl but with a high-end finish. Homeowners will enjoy the slip resistant feel, waterproof qualities and how easily it can be maintained. For any cracks or damage a tile can quickly be replaced.

Choose from stone effect, wood designs or any of the other many styles available that will easily blend into the bathroom décor, guaranteeing a truly stunning floor that will last for years.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles

A common choice used in a large number of bathrooms, ceramic and porcelain tiling is an affordable option that can be purchased in any number of colours and designs. They are stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain although will need to be re-grouted after a certain period of time.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also completely waterproof which is one of the main reasons why they are preferred by so many homeowners. Bear in mind they are not the easiest system to install so it pays to hire a professional company to complete the job.

Cork flooring

This material is the perfect choice for bathrooms especially because it is resistant to mould and mildew – both of which can thrive in rooms that experience high levels of moisture. While it is water resistant, it is not waterproof, so care must be taken on how much water it is exposed to.

The softness of cork makes it a pleasant surface to walk on when stepping out of the shower or bath and it is also pleasantly warm underfoot. Cork doesn’t require much upkeep and this eco-friendly flooring adds a nice, organic feel to the space.

Natural stone tiles

Homeowners searching for a high-end look can turn to natural stone tiles as a luxurious option. There are a number of beautiful choices available such as granite, marble, slate and travertine, with each one instantly creating a unique atmosphere in the bathroom.

Natural stone tiles also come in various textures such as sandblasted, tumbled and etched, adding to the individuality of your choice. More maintenance is required, however, and sealant will need to be reapplied on occasion to keep it looking in great shape.

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