Carpet your office, at home

Working from home is becoming increasingly common in today’s society. There are so many jobs that can be done with only an internet connection, and the advancement of the online world has contributed to this surge of home workers in the UK.
But home workers like to separate their working environment from their living space.

Spare rooms are quickly becoming executive and corporate offices; Offices with nice big desks, bookshelves, filing cabinets, and sumptuously soft carpets.

Because of this surge of home workers, there is more attention being put on this new working environment to encourage maximum efficiency in professional surroundings. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in your office, it has to be perfect.

One of the most important features of the office is the flooring. Nothing has more of an impact in a room than the flooring, and carpets are the best way to go for offices.

No noise

Noise is a work killer, and carpets are great at soaking up that annoyance. You won’t be distracted from the noises below (even if they are screaming kids), and acoustics will be improved in your office, which is important if you are a professional that makes a lot of phone calls.

Better mood, better performance

If you work in a clean and fresh environment, your mood and performance will be improved with new carpets, giving you more chance of achieving your work goals.

Less chance of office injuries

Carpeted rooms reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Considering you could spend in excess of 40 hours every week in your office, this is a good thing!

Your own design and colours

Drab office spaces like in many businesses can create a demoralizing environment, while bright and welcoming spaces can help to improve motivation, creativity and productivity. Brighten up your office with some of our striped, axminster or twist pile carpets.

Temperature control

A comfortable working environment is essential to maintain a good level of productivity. Carpets are excellent insulators, some are as good as wall insulation! They help regulate the working environment temperature, conserving the warmth in cold seasons and keeping out the heat in hotter months.

You can also use carpet tiles. These are great for office spaces. If a certain area gets worn out quicker than the rest of the floor (such as the entrance to the office, or under your office chair), you can simply replace the worn out tiles without the hassle of changing the entire carpet. Carpet tiles also add an extra customisation aspect for the creative home worker, you can add a stripe or two of colour anywhere in the room; This could be to match your furniture or colour scheme, or even your businesses brand identity.

There is an extra piece of advice to add;

Investing in a floor pad for your desk and chair is always a good idea. It protects your carpet from the annoying marks left by heavy objects. Choosing a complementing colour of floor pad can add more depth to the personality of your room.

Please take a second to look at our range of carpet options.

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