Colour schemes to suit any style of flooring

When it comes to interior design, the colours you choose are vitally important. It represents your true colours, your personality and identity. Depending on your unique characteristics, the colours you choose will speak volumes to your guests.
Flooring doesn’t have to be the typical beige you see in most homes. It can have texture and brightness, and can influence your feelings in ways that you are completely unaware of.

We have broken down the most popular flooring colour palettes and matched them with what they mean in your home, so you can come up with the most perfect flooring, just for you:

White and light beige

Characteristics – Light, pureness and timelessness
These are very easy tones to work with. They go with pretty much every style of furniture, artwork and secondary colours. Ideal for contemporary styles and smaller spaces, because lighter tones create more light thanks to its reflective properties. There is a plethora of white wood and carpets to choose from.


Characteristics – Earth, security and comfort
Brown flooring represents nature, and there’s nothing quite like our Karndean or Distinctive flooring ranges that emulate the natural beauty of stone and wood. They create the perfect background for brighter and more vibrant colours in your furniture.

Yellow and beige

Characteristics – The sun, optimism and enjoyment
Darker north facing rooms that perhaps don’t catch much natural sunlight would benefit from yellow flooring. This adds warmth and makes the room feel sunnier. We provide a range of carpets with unique designs featuring stunning yellows.


Characteristics – Class, chic and peace
Light or dark grey work with most colour schemes. It’s neutrality is perfect for all tones, furniture and wall colours. It also makes even the most traditional of furniture look contemporary and modern. There is a huge selection of carpets and vinyl flooring providing most shades.


Characteristics – Luxury, style and sophistication
It’s a little unusual, but it works! Not only is it luxurious and mysterious, but its great for longevity. Stains and wear & tear will be masked by its dark tones. You can contrast black flooring with white walls and bright coloured decorations to really set it off!

Red and orange

Characteristics – Warmth, intimacy and harmony
Ideal for cozying up in the bedroom, reds and oranges will warm up the room nicely no matter what season it is. Thick orangey red carpets will work brilliantly with wooden furniture of any tone. Paint your walls white to add a new level of brightness to your room.

Now you have a better understanding of how important colours in your home are, and how the colours will affect your family and guests, it would be a great time to have a look through our unique flooring options. We provide styles, materials and colours to suit most peoples preferences and budgets.

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