How to care for your luxury vinyl tiles

Karndean LVT flooring in hallway

You’ve spent good time and money investing in luxury vinyl tiles and creating an amazing new look in your home so it makes sense to do everything you can to keep them in great condition. While LVT’s are seen as a relatively low maintenance flooring solution there are still some procedures to follow to ensure their longevity.

Below we will go through five suggestions on how to care for your luxury vinyl tiles so they remain protected for years to come and are able to last way beyond their warranty.

Choose the right floor cleaner

It’s only natural that you will have to clean your LVT’s but selecting the right type of product will play a big part in how well maintained they are.

Do not use abrasive compounds, detergents or products that contain ammonia. Using any of these on the flooring will invariably lead to it being damaged in some form – either cracked, scratched or the colour dulled by the cleaner.

A less harsh cleaner used lightly with a mop and warm water will be enough to keep your luxury vinyl tiles looking clean and brand new. Avoid using hard brushes even if there are stubborn stains you are struggling to shift as this will damage the material.

Clean up quickly

Hard floors offer a great advantage over carpet as the spilled liquids rest on top of the surface making it easier to clean up without creating a mess.

However, the key is to always clean up any food, drink or other items dropped onto the floor because if left for too long the material will stain. For homes with young children and/or pets it’s a normal occurrence for daily spills to occur and if cleared away quickly then your LVT flooring will remain in great condition.

Regular sweeping

Dirt, dust and other grime will naturally appear on the surface of luxury vinyl tiles, especially in areas of high foot traffic. Sweeping this away will keep the floor looking in good condition and ensure the longevity of the material.

If dirt is not swept away it will eventually be ground down into the material underfoot. This not only affects the aesthetic appeal but the material also ages more quickly.

Alternatively, if sweeping takes too long you can vacuum the floor using the brush attachment instead.

Handle furniture with care

The role our furniture plays in maintaining flooring systems is easily overlooked as they remain in the same position for so long and we become used to seeing them in a fixed position.

Placing protection on the feet of the furniture will help to prevent scuff and scratch marks. Where there are no feet – on sideboards for example – you can always purchase felt pads that can easily slide in-between the floor and the item of furniture.

This is also important to remember when you do decide to re-arrange the furniture and move it elsewhere in the room. It could also be required when you are having a deep clean in the house and need to move a piece of furniture that has been in the same place for a long time. Always lift the furniture where possible and avoid dragging or pushing it to avoid creating marks that cannot be removed.

Managing UV Rays

It is hard for any material to withstand years of exposure to natural UV rays and luxury vinyl tiles are no different in that respect. Even though they are designed to be extremely resilient it is something to pay attention to over time.

A good suggestion is draw the curtains or blinds when you leave the house, shielding the sun spot and filtering the UV rays that usually hit the floor. Rugs are another good way of protecting the floor and can be moved into different positions should other areas require protection.

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