How to get the most out of patterned carpets in 2018

patterned carpet choices

There used to be a perception that patterned carpet was outdated and unattractive, adding little to space it was put into. Over the years plain and neutral colours have become the safe picks but patterned carpets are now making a comeback. This doesn’t mean creating a crazy mess on the floor that won’t work for you because there a number of ways to use a patterned carpet to create something special and unique.

Always remember that when buying a patterned carpet the size of the floor coverage is an important point to always consider. To help you out even more we have put together a short guide on how to get the most out of patterned carpets in 2018.

Avoid over-complicating

A carpet in any room creates the base tone and mood for the space. Try to avoid picking out a carpet that features too many colours and patterns. Otherwise the floor will look messy, even if everything else is immaculately clean! It will also make it far harder to match the rest of the décor, or vice versa. When relaxing in the living room or bedroom you want to be able to rest your eyes, but a messy patterned carpet can have the complete opposite effect.

Opt for subtle tones

When you are searching for a patterned carpet, given all the designs you have to choose from it can become difficult to separate one from another. A subtle pattern is not only easier on the eye it helps to make the room feel bigger. This is important for owners of smaller properties as it opens up the space to prevent it from feeling too cramped. Picking out a subtle pattern also makes it easier to match with an existing décor, or to decorate around it.

Single tones

One of the most popular customer choices are single tone, or tone-on-tone patterned carpets. Single tone carpets use a one colour pattern to lay out its design, while a tone-on-tone carpet features a pattern made up of lighter and darker tones of the same colour. Using either of these options will not be too overpowering and allow you to get a good balance when it comes to the rest of the décor.

Pops of colour

A current popular trend are carpets featuring patterns that are not uniform but more sporadic in where they appear in the overall design. This brings individuality to the décor and room and is visually interesting enough to keep it looking exciting. Sudden pops of colour on the carpet really expresses more about your personality and you as a person and opens up the options when it comes to decorating.

Earn your stripes

Striped carpets have become a hot trend over the past 12 months. More homeowners are now comfortable with the idea of adding brighter colours to their homes and striped designs have definitely benefited. These don’t necessarily have to be used in bedrooms or living rooms but can add great value to hallways and landings. Stripped carpets are great for widening a smaller space or making it feel even longer.

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