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Cleaning carpet

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If you’ve just splashed out on a new carpet, the last thing you want is for some ugly stain to appear within weeks of it being laid – or at any time for that matter. Depending on what it is – coffee, red wine, candle wax – etc there are particular techniques used for removing it. But here at Deben Carpets we would always recommend a preventative strategy if possible ie investing in a carpet which is already stain free.

Many Polypropylene carpets contain a special stain-free surface layer

Contemporary Polypropylene carpets, such as those produced by Abingdon Carpets, certainly come under this category. The company has developed a chemical known as AquaProTec which they apply to their carpet during manufacture and which prevents stains entering into the carpet’s pile; they just sit on the top of the carpet instead, meaning the stain can simply be wiped off with no discolouration or damage to the carpet itself.

If your carpet isn’t polypropylene then don’t despair; there are plenty of good carpet stain remover’s on the market and available in our store. If the stain proves particularly persistent though there are always several local carpet and rug cleaners who can do a more thorough job of getting rid of it.

Different stains and how to get rid of them

Most stains can be removed using cold water and simply dabbing at the stain with a piece of kitchen roll, repeating this until the stain has vanished and then allowing to dry. Cleaning this way means the paper will absorb the stain’s moisture and the pile won’t be untwisted by rubbing at the mark with a cloth.

A rough rule of thumb is to scrape off solid marks such as candle wax, chewing gum or toffee with a knife; and even freezing the offending substance with ice cubes first to make it easier to prise off – especially if the stain is reasonably old. For greasy or oil-based stains such as hand cream and paint use a carpet cleaning formula sprayed with an absorbent cloth and blot the area in question.

Other ways to keep your carpets looking good

  • This is essential since carpets will, over time, harbour dust and other household substances, such as dirt from shoes. It should be done at least once a week; more in heavy traffic areas or if you have pets/kids. An annual steam clean isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Barrier mats. It can make sense to get an off-cut from your lovely new hall or kitchen carpet and place it just inside the door to prevent mucky footprints affecting the remainder of the room. Better still, have mats outside the doors where people can clean their shoes before coming in to your home.
  • Move furniture. Changing the way your room looks now and again prevents heavy furniture from wearing down particular areas of the carpet and it can also stop areas where there is heavy tread looking flattened.

If you’re concerned about whether or not a carpet you like will cope well with possible stains then why not give us a call for advice tel 01473 626097? Alternatively come in and see us here at Deben Carpets and Flooring in Ipswich, Suffolk.

We are always happy to chat through solutions with customers and you’ll get a better idea too of what’s available currently on the market.

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