Should you cover your wooden or laminate floors with rugs

Cover floor with rug or not

When you are considering buying a new rug for your home you will have to take into consideration the type of flooring it is being placed onto. Not only in terms of style and colour but also for practical reasons as rugs can slip on surfaces such as laminate or wooden flooring.

If you have ever wondered if you should cover your wooden or laminate floors with rugs read on to find out more about the style that may suit your home and some of things to take into consideration.

Rugs on laminate floors

Laminate flooring allows for a wide choice of rugs as it essentially acts a blank slate when compared to flooring such as carpeting. As the texture of the laminate flooring will mostly remain the same – the style will be the only thing to take into consideration – you have a wide choice to create the interior design of your choice.

Creating a warming look

While laminate flooring adds a lot of advantages to the home, one thing it cannot provide is a warm, cosy feel. Choosing the right rug for the room will create a warmer ambience in the space and a thicker, tufted or carved-pile rug will feel extremely welcoming underfoot.

This will not only make the room feel more friendly to relax in but it also adds an extra layer of insulation which is important during the colder months of the year.

Other considerations

If you have laminate flooring in the kitchen or bathroom then rugs are probably not the best option due to the level of water they will be exposed to. There are some rugs that are more resistant to water than others although they should always be given time to dry out sufficiently before being laid down again.

Minimising the risk of slipping is an important factor to take into consideration. Placing anti-slip underlay is essential to prevent any accidents occurring as laminate flooring does not provide any natural grip and a rug can easily slide on the surface when walking across it.

Rugs on wooden floors

Hardwood floors add a real touch of class to any room, creating a ‘homely’ atmosphere. It often looks great by itself but with one or two rugs it provide a whole new style and dimension to the space. Whether you have a contemporary or rustic design in the room, when paired with the right rug it can look absolutely fantastic.

Finding the right style and texture

Darker grained wood works well with lighter colours to strike the right colour balance, while the reverse is true for lighter wood flooring. You also have a broader palette to work with on lighter coloured wood enabling you to introduce patterns that will show up with more clarity.

Sheepskin rugs also act as a good insulator during the winter, feeling warming underfoot and can either be used in the main living room or as a runner in the hallway when the flooring gets too cold.

Other considerations

An area rug is particularly useful at covering up the dirt and dust that can become more visible on lighter grained wood flooring. It also acts as the perfect centre piece for the room to create a totally new design dynamic.

If no furniture is placed onto a rug positioned on a wooden floor then use anti-slip underlay to ensure it stays in position. This is especially true for those that experience high levels of foot traffic as rugs can sometimes slip on wood without it.

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