The best flooring choices for your Living Room

Suitable carpet for living room

The key to any successful interior design is finding the right atmosphere, furnishings and materials that maintain a particular style without compromising on practicality. Nevermore so is that true than when choosing the best flooring for your living room.

It can be tempting to go for the latest trend for the space without giving second thoughts to how it will actually improve quality of life in the room and complement the house as a whole. As with any room in the house there are a host of factors to consider, such as the size of the room, exposure to daylight and how busy or quiet your living room will be.

Here are some of the best flooring choices for your living room to give you some initial ideas.


One of the most common, practical and cost effective ways of covering the floor. It’s an ideal choice for families who need a durable material that can stand up to the wear and tear that children – and domestic pets – place upon it. During the winter it helps to further insulate the room and lower energy bills, while creating a cosy atmosphere. The softness of the material creates a welcoming feel to the room and can be used in living rooms of all shapes and sizes, as well as any type of climate.

Wooden flooring

This style found favour again in the 80s and has remained in vogue ever since. The classic, traditional look they provide for the living room not only looks pleasing to the eye but can add real value to the property. Lower levels of maintenance are required with spillages easily wiped away and cleaned up in comparison to carpets. Dark stained wood provides depth and warmth to the room, while lighter, pine colours work well with lighter walls to create a fresh, lighter feel.


Rugs have never gone out of fashion because of the versatility they provide anywhere in the home. They can be used on carpets, wooden floors, laminate flooring and pavers, providing a unique sense of character to the living room. There are any number of styles available from plain and neutral colours, to patterned and bold statement rugs. Middle Eastern and oriental-style rugs are always a popular choice for anyone looking for something with real style and class.

Laminate flooring

Where wooden flooring may begin to show signs of wear and tear over time, laminate flooring offers a near-authentic wooden style at a lower cost. There are a huge number of laminate options available and they offer more resistance to scratches, marks and stains. It is a popular choice for family homes too, especially those with young children and pets which usually leads to a lot of cleaning up and wiping away of mess and spillages.


Natural stone paving can give a living room more of a Mediterranean feel and work particularly well in warmer climates to help control temperatures. Depending on the type of natural stone used it can be layered with rugs or carpet runners to further complement the surrounding décor. Stone or brick paving can also be integrated into a smaller part of the living room, blending into a conservatory or patio area to connect to the two spaces.

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