Why Patterned and Quirky Carpets are Making a Comeback

Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing. Is this what’s happened with wooden flooring? Or is it the mere fickleness of fashion that’s causing many a householder to cover up those once-gleaming bare boards?

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that fun and patterned carpets are starting to become the flooring du jour. – especially for high-traffic areas such as stairs and hallways. Actually, they’ve been in favour for a couple of years now but they seem to be especially popular in recent months.

Certainly, here at Deben Carpets and Flooring the orders have been coming in thick and fast, especially for the fabulous Quirky B collection from Alternative Flooring with its contemporary colours and unique, imaginative designs.

Quirky B designer collection

Cleverly the makers of this quality carpeting have collaborated with leading designers for some of the collection. Some of the results are pretty spectacular; as we’re sure you’ll agree:

Liberty Fabrics’ Flowers of Thorpe Summer Garden

Who wouldn’t feel cheered by seeing this Liberty-designed print every morning? The striking fuchsia and moss green shades are tempered by the bright orange and ‘electric’ cream.

Ben Pentreath’s Cube Talman

Geometry in a repetitive fashion with a bold colour palette is the mark of designer Ben Pentreath’s striking Cube collection.

Margo Selby’s Fair Isle Reiko

Scottish Fair isle jumpers were the inspiration for designer’s Margo Selby’s fabulous collection.

Ashley Hick’s Daisy Verbera

Ashley Hicks was inspired by a wall decoration in an old temple in Sri Lanka when he came to design his daisy collection.

Quirky B Standard Collection

And, as for their standard Quirky B range, these are pretty stunning and unique too – and certainly come under the quirky category:




Patterned carpets are practical

Are patterned carpets practical? You bet! Our mothers and our grandmothers knew this better than anyone. For starters, stains from all that juice spilled at our kids parties went unnoticed (visitors assumed it was just part of the pattern).

Another bonus of carpet is its insulating qualities. Not only will keep in heat (so reduce our utility bills), but it doesn’t echo like wooden boards (and which is a particular blessing when it’s laid in the kids’ upstairs bedrooms).

Patterned carpets feel better

Yes, carpets have much more texture than wooden floorboards, making them far more interesting for a start – regardless of whether they’re 100 per cent wool or a mix of wool and nylon. And, of course, they’re also warmer on our tootsies on those cold winter mornings we know only too well here in the UK.

How to use patterned carpets

Pattern can be used as a focal point in a room (whether laid on the entire floor or used as a rug). Rooms can be ‘joined up’ by using a plain carpet with a strong colour in the carpet to ‘unite’ the two, giving a continuous flow between both rooms (this works particularly well with the fashion for open plan living.

If you’ve been bitten by the desire for comfy carpeted flooring after reading this then why not visit our showroom? Feel free to contact us on 01473 626097 or read more about the quirky carpets.

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