Flooring ideas for your hallway

Your hallway is the place where your visitors get their first impressions, and you know what they say; “First impressions are the most lasting”.
Your guests’ eyes will naturally fall to the floor first. The next time you have visitors, put this to the test, and watch where they look. You’ll be amazed!
If they remove their shoes, their feet will be in contact, stimulating more senses than just their sight.
It’s only right to give this area of your home the respect and attention that it deserves. Your effort will go a long way!

The hallway is usually the place where most of your homes traffic is concentrated; Your homes M25 if you will. It’s the entrance, the exit, the route between the kitchen and the living room, and probably the area that sees the most footsteps.
Considering this, a lot of people choose hard wood flooring, be it laminate, or vinyl, because it is strong and can handle the rush hour traffic day in day out.

A brilliant option for hard flooring would be our Karndean flooring. These tiles luxuriously resemble wood or stone and have an amazing texture, so it will look and feel like the real thing. These can even be customizable to reflect your homes style.
Vinyl flooring usually lasts for years, and because they often come in tiles, you can replace those that get worn out the most, making it affordable in the long run!

If you are needing something softer, there are plenty of carpet options available. There’s something quite stimulating about feeling the sumptuously soft carpet under the soles of your feet, which is the perfect welcoming to your home. There is a myriad of choices, from colours and patterns to textures and softness. If you’re concerned about the wear and tear aspect, it’s always a good idea to lay down some rugs or runners on the most used areas, such as around the front door and between rooms.
This will add years to the life of your carpets.

No matter what the style of your home décor is, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your carpet. Striped carpets will enhance narrower spaces and give the impression that they are much wider, whereas Axminster or Loop pile carpets adds a perspective of depth to your floors.

Your colour choice is vitally important. Dark finishes, whatever the material, will make the space seem smaller, which is fine if you have a humungous hallway, but if you don’t, go for lighter more neutral colours. These tend to work with most interior styles too.

One factor to consider as we close this topic will be the number of smaller feet that could be running around on the floors. As much as children love to slide around the hallways, this can be a little dangerous, especially when it’s not intentional! Hardwood style vinyl flooring can be quite slippery in socks, so carpets maybe a safer option for households with children.

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